payments at the event

Payments must be made within 48 hours of auction end.

OPTION 1: NCB Bank/Wire Transfer

**Bank wire transfer fees may apply. Email a copy of your receipt to


The Caring for Miracles Foundation Limited

National Commercial Bank

Mona Branch

JMD Savings

USD Savings

Acct# 404414186

Acct# 404414208


** Visa/Mastercard and Bank transaction fees apply. An e-receipt will automatically be sent to your email and to the Organizers.


To pay visit:

Please note: 

  • Credit card payment options will be accessible at the event. 
  • You will be able to collect your piece immediately after the event once payment has been made or proof of payment shown. 
  • If your piece is to be delivered to you, delivery fees will apply.




WhatsApp/Call: 876-565-5062 or 876-347-1602